Developing robust mechanistic frameworks of plant response to the environment

Protea demography

Exploring drought impacts on the demography of serotinous Proteaceae


A South Africa - Germany collaboration to understand the impacts of land-use and climate change on South African terrestrial ecosystems

Ecology limits the diversity of the Cape flora: phylogenetics and diversification of the genus Tetraria

[Access the paper here.]( Understanding the ecology and evolution of the hyper-diverse Cape flora is dependent on developing an understanding of its component parts, best epitomized by the Cape floral …

Fynbos: ecology, evolution, and conservation of a megadiverse region

[More on the book here.]( South Africa's fynbos region has intrigued biologists for centuries. It has achieved iconic status as a locus of …

The assembly and function of Cape plant communities in a changing world

[More on the book here.](

Coexistence of a C4 grass and a leaf succulent shrub in an arid ecosystem. The relationship between rooting depth, water and nitrogen

[Access the paper here.]( Here we aim to demonstrate that in arid environments the competitive balance between species can be determined by niche separation with either nitrogen or water as …