As Technician at SAEON Fynbos Node my main responsibility has been managing and maintaining the Jonkershoek catchment monitoring programme and the data that emanate from it. I have gained experience with stream, meteorological and micro met instrumentation and data collection since joining SAEON in November 2010. In addition to the technical aspect of my job I have helped develop SAEON’s infrastructure for managing these types of data. I have also been involved in research on fog interception in fynbos. Other functions I perform include procurement of equipment, assisting researchers, responding to requests for SAEON data and supporting the rest of SAEON’s terrestrial technical team. Before joining SAEON I was pursuing my interest in ecosystem ecology as a Staff Research Associate in a Landscape and Urban Ecology lab at the University of California: Davis. There I assisted with projects on African savannah riparian boundary dynamics, atmospheric deposition across rural/urban gradients and linking stream water quality to land use and land cover in an urban ecosystem. I hold a B-Tech degree in Nature Conservation from Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Free time pursuits include reading on politics, economics and current affairs.